Mike Murphy

Brewmaster, Lervig


Born in 1972, USA. Raised outside Philadelphia, I began home brewing in 1991 when I discovered that one could make beer in house. I didn’t realize I would become a brewer until later. In 1999 after I finished Landscape Architecture studies I moved to Rome Italy for a woman. A woman who owned a «Irish style» pub. I ended up getting the bright idea to start a little brewery then and there in 2000 I opened Rome brewing company. I brewed mostly IPAs even though in Italy at the time IPA was unheard of. Now a days that is what everyone is drinking in Italy, but that’s another story.


I felt like time was wasting in Italy ( pre craft beer curve still) I moved to Denmark and worked for a mid sized craft brewery as their start up guy and I ended up staying on for 5 years, even after the founders sold their shares out. Here I began to brew for such characters as Mikkel and Kristian Keller which is today’s powerhouse Mikkeller. I brewed their first batches and still produce most of their stouts today at my current brewery. So in 2010 I moved to Norway for the job at Lervig. I needed a change and Norway was the place that craft beer hadn’t hit yet.


I came to Norway because I love Scandinavian life, and I saw the potential in the brewery. Not the products but the capacity of the brewery itself. It had about 25.000HL year capacity and no one to steer it. I saw my opportunity and took it. Since then I have taken the almost finished pilsner brewery into craft and we have grown from 4000HL / yr to 20.000HL in 7 years. Not so impressive compared to growth you can see in the UK but for a country of 5 million, I think its pretty good.


I have a brewing diploma from Siebel Institute of technology and 4000 + brews and 15 million liters produced of craft beer as my education and experience. I have seen the craft beer boom in the US and most of Europe. I guess you can describe me as Old school.


But a guy in my postition can not afford to stick to the old school ways, I am out and tasting and absorbing everything this industry has to offer. If I like it Im going to attempt it. Thats what keeps my brewing current and I hope high quality due to the experience and passion I bring to the brewery.

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Making Seltzers while Staying Legit

  • 25 September, 2020
  • 12:30 - 12:50
  • Main Stage