Kevin Lane

Tech. Sales Support Manager, Fermentis


Kevin Lane has a bachelor’s degree in Integrated Science and Business with emphasis in Operations Management and biochemistry.


He has been in the beer and potable alcohol industries for over 13 years. He worked for Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. before working for a chemical fermentation company producing food and beverage flavor and aroma products. He joined MillerCoors in 2009, where he ran the pilot brewery, both on the 40L as well as the 10 BBL system and was a member of their Global Taste Panel for three years. In late 2013, Kevin continued his career in the potable alcohol industries, working for Fermentis as the Technical Sales Manager of the USA & Canada and now as the Technical Sales Support Manager of the Americas. Kevin has been involved in all aspects of the Fermentis business in North America, working in the craft and industrial distilling markets, home and commercial wine and cider making, and in the home, craft and industrial brewing segments.


Kevin has been a judge at international beer competitions (Copa Cervesa and Copa Cervesa Mexico) as well as a speaker at a wide variety of conferences including MBAA district meetings (Ontario, Milwaukee, Texas), SEA Brew (South East Asia Brewing Conference), HomebrewCon, the CCBA, and others.

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Hard Seltzer Production

  • 22 September, 2020
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