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Janet E. Lightner, GM, Boundary Bay Brewery
Janet E. Lightner
GM | Boundary Bay Brewery
Greg Zeschuk, Founder, Enthusiasm Brewing Company
Greg Zeschuk
Founder | Enthusiasm Brewing Co.
Alan Wood, Founder & CEO, Rally Beer Company
Alan Wood
Founder | Rally Beer Co.
Matt_Hamill_President_Red Shed Malting
Matt Hamill
President | Red Shed Malting
Celeste Beatty, Founder:Head Brewer, Harlem Brewing Co
Celeste Beatty
Founder | Harlem Brewing Co.
Wakelin Fulford, P. Eng, PMP, Lakeside Process Controls
Wakelin Fulford
P. Eng, PMP | Lakeside Process Controls
David Freer, Co-Founder, O Street
David Freer
Co-Founder | O Street
Balbir Sidhu_Konig Brewing Systems
Balbir Sidhu
Co-Owner | König Brewing Systems
Kyran Flett, Sales Manager, ‎Canada Malting Co. Limited
Kyran Flett
Sales Mgr | ‎Canada Malting Co. Ltd.
Carlos de la Barra, Qc Manager & Brewer, Omnipollo
Carlos de la Barra
Qc Manager & Brewer | Omnipollo
Dr. Doug Mancosky, Chief Science Officer, Hydro Dynamics Inc.
Dr. Doug Mancosky
Chief Science Officer | Hydro Dynamics Inc.
Luke Chapman, Interim President, Beer Canada
Luke Chapman
Interim President | Beer Canada
Sylvain Bouchard, Beer Sommelier, Unibroue
Sylvain Bouchard
Beer Sommelier | Unibroue
Martin Audet, Production Director, Station Agro-Biotech
Martin Audet
Production Director | Station Agro-Biotech
Jean-François Gravel, Masterbrewer/Co-Founder, Brasserie Dieu du Ciel
Jean-François Gravel
Masterbrewer, Co-Founder | Brasserie Dieu du Ciel
Troy Burtch, Marketing & Communications Manager, Great Lakes Brewery
Troy Burtch
Marketing and Comms Manager | Great Lakes Brewery
Will Evans, Co-Owner:Co-Founder, Ignition Beer
Will Evans
Director | Ignition Beer
Rachel Howard-2, Head Brewer, Oozlefinch Beer _ Blending
Rachel Howard
Head Brewer | Oozlefinch Beer & Blending
Roger Mittag, Founder, Prud’Homme
Roger Mittag
Founder | Prud'Homme
Adrian Pawliszko, Co-Founder, Kegshoe
Adrian Pawliszko
Co-Founder | Kegshoe
Stephen Rich, Independant Consultant Brewer (Previously Brewmaster at Cowbell)
Stephen Rich
Brewer, Independent Consultant
Sheldon Sapoznik, VP of North America, BioGill
Sheldon Sapoznik
VP of North America | BioGill
Kyle Smith, Owner _ Operator, Gorman Smith
Kyle Smith
Owner & Operator | Gorman Smith
Marcello Vecchio, Project Coordinator, FRESHER Project, Western
Marcello Vecchio
FRESHER Project Coordinator | Western University
Tonia Wilson, Founder, Certified Sommelier & Chef, BRÜ Mustard
Tonia Wilson
Founder, Certified Sommelier & Chef | BRÜ Mustard
Chris Lewington_Beavertown_Square
Chris Lewington
Lead Brewer | Beavertown Brewery
James Robinson_Tapp Tekk_Square
James Robinson
CEO & Founder | Tapptek
Christine O’Grady_University of Calgary_Square
Christine O’Grady
Program Coordinator | University of Calgary ACWA
Kirk Zembal
Co-Founder | Blindman Brewing
Evan Singer_Vessel_Square
Evan Singer
Business Development Specialist | Vessel Packaging Co.
Ash Eliot
Founder | Women of the Bevolution
Craig McFarlane
Craig McFarlane
Shift Supervisor | Born Colorado Brewing
Stephen Tyson
CEO | Karbon Brewing Co.
Oleksandra Gora_Photo
Oleksandra Gora
International Project Officer | Niagara College
Matt Giffen
Founder & President | Bench Brewing Co.
Copy of Richard Preiss, Co-Founder_Lab Director, Escarpment Laboratories
Richard Preiss
Co-Founder & Lab Director | Escarpment Labs
Dr. Holly Patrick-Thomson
Lecturer & Author | Edinburgh Napier University
Ricardo Mulas_square
Ricardo Mulás
Sales and Logistics Director | E6PR
Mark Benzaquen
Senior Adviser, Technical Services | First Key
Glenn Barrington_square-1
Glenn Barrington
Partnerships Manager | Rezdy
Robyn Warrier
Founder & Director | WarrierTech (BrewersInsight)
Jim Koch, Founder & Brewer, Samuel Adams
Jim Koch
Founder | Samuel Adams
Paul Jones, Managing Director, Cloudwater Brewing Co.
Paul Jones
Managing Director | Cloudwater Brewing Co.
Joe Vogelbacher, President & Co- Founder, Sugar Creek Brewing Co
Joe Vogelbacher
Co-Founder | Sugar Creek Brewing Co.
Ren Navarro, Beer. Diversity.
Ren Navarro
Founder | Beer. Diversity.
Mike Murphy
Brewmaster Lervig
Jim VanderGiessen, CEO, Pro Refrigeration Inc.
Jim VanderGiessen
CEO | Pro Refrigeration Inc.
Wayne Roberts, CEO, Blade Creative
Wayne Roberts
CEO | Blade Creative
Brad McQuhae
Co-Owner | König Brewing Systems
Kevin Lane, Technical Sales Support Manager – The Americas, Fermentis, by Lesaffre
Kevin Lane
Technical Sales Support Mgr | Fermentis by Lesaffre
Alice Tseng, Partner, Smart & Biggar
Alice Tseng
Partner | Smart & Biggar
Lodewijk Swinkels, Brewmaster, Brunswick Bierworks
Lodewijk Swinkels
Brewmaster | Brunswick Bierworks
Billy Madden, Owner, Black Lab Brewing
Billy Madden
Owner | Black Lab Brewing
Shelley Beirnes, Key Accounts, BSG Canada
Shelley Beirnes
Key Accounts | BSG Canada
J.P. Paradis, Managing Director, Hart Print
J.P. Paradis
Managing Director | Hart Print
Frédérick Tremblay, President, Brasserie Charlevoix
Frédérick Tremblay
President | Brasserie Charlevoix
Amanda Butt, VP of Operations, Moosehead Breweries
Amanda Butt
VP Operations, HR, and Supply Chain | Moosehead Breweries
Ted Fleming, Founder & CEO, Partake Brewing
Ted Fleming
Founder & CEO | Partake Brewing
Kris Krueger1, Principle Application Scientist, Diversey F&B
Kris Krueger
Principle Application Scientist | Diversey F&B
Nancy More1, KPU Brewing Instructor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Nancy More
Brewing Instructor | Kwantlen Polytechnic University
Natasha Peiskar, Brewer, The Establishment Brewing Company & Co-Founder of Pink Boots Society Canada
Natasha Peiskar
Brewer | The Establishment Brewing Company
Joanne Richter, Co-Founder _ Owner, The Second Wedge Brewing Co.
Joanne Richter
Co-Founder & Owner | The Second Wedge Brewing Co.
Julie Sawchuk, BSc:BEd RHFAC, Sawchuk Accessible Solutions
Julie Sawchuk
Accessibility Strategist & Owner | Sawchuk Accessible Solutions
Greg Taylor, Co-Founder & CEO. Steam Whistle Brewing
Greg Taylor
Co -Founder & CEO | Steam Whistle Brewing
Katie Wallace, Director of Social _ Environmental Impact, New Belgium Brewing Co.
Katie Wallace
Director of Social & Environmental Impact | New Belgium
Alexander Wray, PhD Student, Western
Alexander (AJ) Wray
FRESHER Project | PhD Student, Western University
Peter Gray-air-solutions-canada-Square
Peter Gray
Presdent | Air Solutions Canada
Danny McColl_McColl’s Brewery_Square
Danny McColl
Owner & Director | McColl’s Brewery
Kevin Flis_Xylem Inc.
Kevin Fils
Client Solutions Manager | Xylem Inc.
Jamie Floyd
Co-Founder | Ninkasi Brewing
Brienne Allan
Founder, Brewer, & Production Manager | Brave Noise Beer Collaboration Initiative
Doug Appledoorn_Square
Doug Appledoorn
Co-Owner | People’s Pint Brewing Company
Jules Gray_ Hop Hideout_Square
Jules Gray
Founder & Director | Hop Hideout
Bernardo Zamora
CTO & Brewmaster | Karbon Brewing Co.
Pema Choden 2_Square
Pema Choden
Sales, PR & Exports Manager | Ser Bhum Brewery.
Karyn Bosco
Community Outreach & Marketing | Queen of Craft + Wellington Brewery
Wilma Zondag
Beer Educator | Queen Of Craft + Wellington Brewery
Copy 2 of Dr_Daniel_Clarke
Dr. Daniel Clarke Author
Management & Marketing Professor | University of Dundee, School of Business
Dr. Giuseppe Caruso PhD
Author | The Botany of Beer
Dr. Euan Thomson
Founder | Raft Brew Labs
Nikolas Badminton_500x500
Nikolas Badminton
FRSA, Chief Futurist |
Lars Kurandt-Jaeger
Business Development for Process Instrumentation | Anton Paar
Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster, Brooklyn Brewery
Garrett Oliver
Brewmaster | Brooklyn Brewery
Kimberly Machado, Sale & Director, Weathered Souls Brewing Co
Kimberly Machado
Sales Director | Weathered Souls Brewing Co.
Chris Pilkington, Head Brewer, Pohjala Brewery
Chris Pilkington
Head Brewer | Pohjala Brewery
Rob Fink, Founder, Big Drop Brewing Co.
Rob Fink
Founder | Big Drop Brewing Co.
Brad-Windecker_Founder _ Owner_ Orchestra Software
Brad Windecker
Founder | Orchestra Software
Rochelle Dunlop, Head Brewer, Afro Caribbean Brewing Company
Rochelle Dunlop
Head Brewer | Afro Caribbean Brewing Co.
David Graham, Head Brewer, Lervig
David Graham
Head Brewer | Lervig
Steve Grundy, Founder _ CEO, Top 5 Solutions
Steve Grundy
Founder | Top 5 Solutions
Josh McKinney
Co-Founder & CEO | Ekos
Brian Perkey, Regional Sales Manager, Lallemand
Brian Perkey
Regional Sales Manager | Lallemand
Mike Laba, Founding Partner, Brunswick Bierworks
Mike Laba
Founding Partner | Brunswick Bierworks
Josh McJannett, Co-Founder, Dominion City Brewing Co.
Josh McJannett
Co-Founder | Dominion City Brewing Co.
Tim Mclaughlin, VP of Marketing, Steam Whistle Brewing
Tim Mclaughlin
VP of Marketing | Steam Whistle Brewing
Guillaume Couraud, Co-Owner, Pub BreWskey
Guillaume Couraud
Co-Owner | Pub BreWskey
Nico Leclerc, Business Development Director, Diversey
Nico Leclerc
Business Development Director | Diversey
Rod Daigle, Canada Kegs & Packaging, National Sales
Rod Daigle
National Sales | Canada Kegs & Packaging
Karen Hertz, Chief Brewista, Holidaily Brewing Co.
Karen Hertz
Chief Brewista | Holidaily Brewing Co.
Betsy Lay, Co-Founder _ Owner, Lady Justice Brewing
Betsy Lay
Co-Founder & Owner | Lady Justice Brewing
Cam Moser, Senior Manager, CWB
Cam Moser
Senior Manager | CWB
Dave Rathborne, Head Brewer, Ignition Beer
Dave Rathborne
Head Brewer | Ignition Beer
Samin Saadat, Executive Director, Jalapeño Employee Engagement
Samin Saadat
Executive Director | Jalapeño Employee Engagement
Paul Scott, Canada Region Sales Engineer, GEA
Paul Scott
Canada Region Sales Engineer | GEA
Michelle Tham, Head Of Education, Labatt Breweries of Canada
Michelle Tham
Head Of Education | Labatt Breweries of Canada
Chris White, Founder:President & CEO, White Labs
Chris White
Founder, President, CEO | White Labs
Steve Beuchesne_Beaus
Steve Beauchesne
CEO & Co-Founder | Beau’s Brewing Company
James Keane_Tapptek_Square
James Keane
Chief Product Officer | Tapptek
Jen Blair_Orpheus
Jen Blair
Beer Quality & Education Manager | Orpheus Brewing
Jeremy McLaughlin_Village Brewery_2
Jeremy McLaughlin
Head Brewer | Village Brewery
Xavier Vanneste_Square
Xavier Vanneste
Managing Director | Brouwerij De Halve Maan (Brewery)
FlavorSum_Blake Lyon_Square
Blake Lyon
Applications Scientist (Beverage) | FlavorSum
Randal Gillett_RavenWolf Brewery _Square
Randal Gillett
President & Co-Owner | RavenWolf Brewing Co.
Dougal Sharp
Founder & CEO | Innis & Gunn
Nick Harkin
Owner | Mash Paddle Brewery UK
Kris Nelson_Square
Kris Nelson
Co-Founder & Director of Sales | Rescue Club Brewing
Kelly Byer
Lab Technologist | Food & Wine Institute (CFWI) Innovation Centre at the Niagara College
Monica Parkin
Author & International Speaker
Friedrich Banke
Managing Director | banke
Jaime Jurado_Square
Jaime Jurado
Chief Operating Officer | Alamo Beer Co.
Christine Dawson
Operations Manager | Raft Brew Labs
Michael Hancock
Founding Partner(Retired) | Side Launch Brewing Co.
Crystalla Huang, Director:Brewmaster, RedDot Brewhouse
Crystalla Huang
Brewmaster | RedDot Brewhouse
Marcus Baskerville, Founder, Weathered Souls
Marcus Baskerville
Founder | Weathered Souls Brewing Co.
Apiwe Nxusani-Mawela, Founder, Brewsters Craft
MaApiwe Nxusani-Mawela
Founder | Brewsters Craft
Richard Preiss, Co-Founder _ Lab Director, Escarpment Laboratories
Richard Preiss
Co-Founder | Escarpment Labs
Anja van Zyl, Head Brewer, Hey Joe Brewing Co
Anja van Zyl
Head Brewer | Hey Joe Brewing Co.
Jeff Mello, Founder:Chief Yeast Wrangler, Bootleg Biology
Jeff Mello
Founder | Bootleg Biology
Josh Peter, Designer _ American Envoy, O Street
Josh Peter
Designer | O Street
Dave Frizzell, Science Technician, Precision Fermentation
Dave Frizzell
Science Technician | Precision Fermentation Inc.
Lisa Pumphrey, Co-Founder of Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery
Lisa Pumphrey
Co-Founder | Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery
John Keeling, Brewing Director, Fuller’s
John Keeling
Brewing Director | Fuller's
Eric Van der Beek, ‎Sector Specialist, Diversey
Eric Van der Beek
Sector Specialist | Diversey
Wayne Arsenault, President & CEO, Big Rock Brewery
Wayne Arsenault
President & CEO | Big Rock Brewery
Rick Dalmazzi, Executive Director, Canadian Craft Brewers Association
Rick Dalmazzi
Executive Director | CCBA
Pascal Thibault, Eastern Canada Sales, Brew Culture
Pascal Thibault
Eastern Canada Sales | Brew Culture
Émilie Leclerc, aka la petite biére
Émilie Leclerc, AKA La Petite Biére
Social Media Influencer
Nigel Davies, Business Advisor on Sustainability, Muntons
Dr. Nigel Davies
Business Advisor on Sustainability | Muntons
Sarabeth Holden, Owner, Red Tape Brewery
Sarabeth Holden
Owner | Red Tape Brewery
Peter Mackenrodt, CEO, m+f KEG-Technik
Peter Mackenrodt
CEO | m+f KEG-Technik
Nick O_Shea, Co-Owner:Co-Founder, Ignition Beer
Nick O’Shea
Director | Ignition Beer
Jon Renthrope, Brewmaster _ Founder, Cajun Fire Brewing Co.
Jon Renthrope
Brewmaster & Founder | Cajun Fire Brewing Co.
Melyssia Santiago, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), CO2Meter
Melyssia Santiago
Chief Revenue Officer | CO2Meter
Avi Shayevitz, R&D Associate, Lallemand Brewing
Avi Shayevitz
BrewingR&D Associate | Lallemand
Kristine Tsaousidis, VP of SME, Global Commercial Services, American Express Canada
Kristine Tsaousidis
VP SME, Global Commercial Services, | American Express Canada
Rob Wilson, CEO _ Founder, Toast Ale
Rob Wilson
CEO & Founder | Toast Ale
Tom Britz_ Glacier Hops Ranch_Square
Tom Britz
President & CEO | Glacier Hops Ranch
Shea Martin_Brew Ninja – casual – business_Square
Shea Martin
CEO | Brew Ninja
Vlad Mihaescu_Torkin Manes
Vlad Mihaescu
Corporate Associate (Business Law and Cannabis Law Groups) | Torkin Manes
Benoit Guitard_Actemium_Square
Benoit Guitard
Business Development Manager | Actemium
Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide
Co-Founder & Partner | Paris Brewing & Malting
Keijo Pyorala_Square
Keijo Pyörälä
Business Development Manager (Liquid Measurements) | Vaisala Oyj
Susan Snelling head shot
Susan Snelling
Co-Owner | Spit Rail Brewery
Christian Riemerschmid von der Heide
Co-Founder & Partner | Paris Brewing & Malting
Eric Saulis_Square
Eric Saulis
Brewer | Kichesippi Beer Co.
Mitch Cobb
Co-Founder | Upstreet Craft Brewing & Non-Alcoholic Brand Libra
Richard Park_ Square
Richard Park
Vice President of Operations | Old Flame Brewing Co.
Alec Johnson
Solutions Engineer, Head of Industry (Beer) | Ekos
Gustav Dose
ounder & Director of Brewing | Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub
Pål Ingebrigtsen
Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer | PLAATO
Derek Davy_Square
Derek Davy
CEO, Co-Founder | Econse
Matt Tweedy
Co-owner & Brewing Director | Tooth & Nail Brewing Co.

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